Mantis Cabinet Episode March 14, 2011

Mantis Cabinet 14-Mar-2011 - Random Stuffssss

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Wires Under Tension
Telefon Tel Aviv
Belle and Sebastian
Russian Futurists

And some other stuff. No Doubt.

Track Listing:

Hoeing Weeds and Sowing Seeds
Russian Futurists · The Weight's on the wheels
Hello, Cruel World
Library Voices · Denim on Denim
Behind the River
Crocodile Society of · Aphasia
Small Black · New Chain
Mnemonics in Motion
Wires Under Tension · Light Science
Immolate Yourself
Telefon Tel Aviv · Immolate Yourself
Age of Empires
Dan Griffin and the Regrets · Everybody Dance Now: Songs from Hamilton 5
i didn't see it coming
belle and sebastian · write about love
Chasing it Down
Mother Mother · Eureka