Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode October 19, 2023

October 19 2023 Episode

9:01pm - 10:21pm


Track Listing:

Waters of March
YEP · Reprimand
Nothing Like Romance
Be Afraid · The End Looks Like Prosperity
The Bug
Megamall · Escape From Lizard City
Lucky Penny
KCAR · Up Top
Bratboy · Bratworld
I Only Think of You
Rec Centre · Maxed Out!
The Main Thing
Ducks Ltd. · The Main Thing
Nicholas Krgovich · Ducks
Ace Martens · Boss.
Soul Mate
Ok Vancouver OK · Island Extras
Can't Rush Time
Octoberman · There You Were
The Chauffeur
The Golden Age of Wresting · The Chauffeur
Another Fool
Faith Healer · The Hand The Fits The Glove
One More Night
White Poppy · Sound of Blue
Deep Prismatic Wave
Gal Gracen · Fantasy Gardens
What's missing here
Applied Silence · Screen Door
I've seen this one before
Applied Silence · Screen Door