Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode July 13, 2023

Interview with Octoberman

8:59pm - 10:29pm

A chat with Octoberman.

Track Listing:

Can't Rush Time
Octoberman · There You Were
June '93
Octoberman · There You Were
Define (Come Terribly Alive)
Bells Clanging · Check Trajectory
Call It Something Else
The Abramson Singers · The Abramson Singers
Budget Delegations
Vivat Virtute · June First
I Just Don't Think That You Like Me That Much Anymore
Leith Ross · To Learn
Next Best Thing (feat. Vansire)
FLOOR CRY · Slasher Flick
Strange Air
Mulligrub · Tragical
Dirk Gently (Know Yourself)
JayWood · Grow On EP
Lay Down Girl
Nora Kelly Band · Rodeo Clown
Glass Full of Fire
Tonk · Thanks for Waiting
Come From Wood
Kamikaze Nurse · Stimuloso
so special
LeMaster · martyrology
Halfway To Hell
Monsoon Moon · Circulating
Crossed Wires · Ellipsis
Feel It Inside
The Jins · It's A Life