Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode June 1, 2023

Music Waste 2023 Preview

9:00pm - 11:35pm

Previewing Music Waste 2023

Track Listing:

Monsoon Moon · Circulating
Never Plenty · Tranquilized
Michelin Star
Still Depths · Best plan for your life
Gaijin Smash · FTW
Ghost in my Machine (Alyag Remix)
Khillah Khills · Ghost in my Machine (Alyag Remix)
Mulch · Mulch
Half Beast · Unearthing (demos)
Year Zero
Bloom Effect · Year Zeron (demo)
Bobby Joe Hope
Jon Mckiel · Object Permanence
Steady Hands / Shakey Skeleton
Little Sparkee · oh! the tension
Look to the Sun
Bonnuit · Forget About the Past
Blood Sap
GADFLY · Apranik
Shimmering Shore
Teeth To Your Throat · A Life Without Pain
Tight and Weird
Ape War · WAR APE
Bananahaus · welcome to the bananahaus
Transistor Riot · Burn
Treatment Life
Anodyne · Moving Parts EP
baby tax
pudding · Pop over
Roswit · Roswit Demos
read my mind
miguel maravilla · clarity.
Real Loss
Sleepy Gonzales · sky high
Black Sand Beach
Petaluna · Black Sand Beach
Game of Global Consequences
Buddie · Agitator