Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode May 5, 2022

May 5 2022 Show

8:59pm - 10:26pm

Music from coast to coast

Track Listing:

Dying Diamond
Octoberman · Dying Diamond
Jean-Talon Market
Dany Placard, Julie Doiron · Julie & Dany
Help Me Understand
Central Heat Exchange · Central Heat Exchange
Ice Cream Cone
No Frills · Downward Dog
Temporary Love
Sean Wesley Wood & the Vancouver Vipers · Constant Party
Just Sayin (feat. Ami Cheon)
JayWood · Slingshot
Never Enuff
Winona Forever · Never Enuff
Pristine Disarray
Sylvia Platters · Pristine Disarray
Sugarfungus · Letting Go, Moving Still
Red Alert
x/o · Chaos Butterfly
Wallgrin · Yet Again the Wheel Turns/PseudoReligiono
Ideas of Space
Tess Roby · Ideas of Space
Luna Li · Duality
Faith In Doubt
Holy Hum · Let It Be Desire