Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode April 25, 2019

Bands from Slurpee Capital

9:03pm - 10:31pm

And some from Vancouver.

Track Listing:

Sigh · Images
Swim Team · V
Club Nites
Dumb · Club Nites
Big Mouth
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Nasty Boy
Jock Tears · Bad Boys
Never Wonder
Monsoon Moon · Two-Headed Dog
Snakies · Night Lights
LAPS · Soon Not Often In It
Softswitch · Happiness
Bedbug Christmas
Hut Hut · Hut Hut
Haircuts For Everybody!!
Boats · Cannonballs, Cannonballs
Rhythm is Life
Human Music · Human Music
Coral Island
Merin · Coral Island
Out Over Canyons
Baseball Hero · Baseball Hero
Don't Get My Hair Wet
Veneer · Don't Get My Hair Wet
Bottom Step
Living Hour · Softer Faces
Apocalypse I (the longing)
Trampoline · Happy Crimes
i'm feeling valid
charliebaby · is it too much to ask
Model Boyfriend
Man Candy · Model Boyfriend
An Oddity
Kandekt · History As It Is Happening
Gym Tonic · Good Job