Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode May 24, 2018

Music Waste 2018 Preview

9:06pm - 10:54pm

Live in studio with Music Waste 2018 organizers Alie Lynch and Gal Av-Gay!

Track Listing:

ice hands
Jerk Jails · Jerk Jails
Timing X · I'm Tired Of Thinking About This
I Need to Fall in Love
Booker T on Acid · Booker T on Acid
Kjel · Enjoy Ur Sunl3ss Endeavours
Drug Moms
Pudding · Demos
You're The Best
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
Stay Engaged
Echuta · Even If Long?-?Winded Waits
U lately
My Wife · Mess U Lately
Be Afraid · One More Year
YEP · Demo
The Jaws of Angst
Devours · Late Bloomer
Fluorescent Light
Fuzzy P · Amateur Alchemy
Ghost Vibes
Monsoon Moon · Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell
Amateurs of the Universe
Brutal Poodle · Long Time No See
storc · storc
Dead Meat
Kamikaze Nurse · Kamikaze Nurse
Lauren Lorelai
Emma Lee Toyoda · sewn me anew
duck! 2
duck! · duck!
Thru Your Phone
Cardi B · Invasion of Privacy