Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode January 4, 2018

First show of 2018!

9:05pm - 9:59pm

Music from coast to coast

Track Listing:

I Was At The Height of My Powers
Chris-a-riffic · Post-Season
i wanna travel back in time and tell you this joke that i made up
future star · who cursed me then cured me
Future Fires
Snakies · Snakies
Be Afraid · One More Year
Sister Song
Mmmeats · Mac n' Me
Gone Again
Animal Teeth · A List of Things
Legendary Mistake
Slow Spirit · Unnatured
Alien Spring
Slow Dancers · Philadelphus
Other Bad
Mauno · Tuning
Popular Fly
Beloved · Popular Fly
Silver Dapple · Jeune/Amethyst
Summer of 89
Brutal Poodle · Long Time No See