Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode May 11, 2017

May 11 Show

9:01pm - 10:04pm

Music From Coast to Coast

Track Listing:

East And West
Only A Visitor · Tower Temporary
Hazy · X.O. Virgo Ox
Death or Happiness
Moon Socket · Eurydice
Summer Can
Weird Lines · Weird Lines
Douse · The Light In You Left
Fault-Finding Mission
Hermetic · Postscript
When You Asked
Shrouded Amps · Come Along to the Chocolate Church
Mind Control
Jerk Jails · Jerk Jails
Tennis (I Feel OK)
Gum Country · Gum Country
Comfort Zone
Partner · Comfort Zone
Don't Turn The Page
Co-op · Co-op
Peace / Agency
Construction & Destruction · Noli Timere
Biggy Pop
Jock Tears · Sassy Attitude