Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016

9:02pm - 10:28pm

Music From Coast to Coast

Track Listing:

Fond of Tigers · Uninhabit
Fiddle Nero?/?Rome Is Burning
Spruce Trap · The Wise Prefer To Perish
If There Is Transcendence Let It Be Now
Holy Hum · ou Be Holy I'll Be Human
Swim Team · Out of the Flood
Slipping Away
Diana · Familiar Touch
Total Doom
A La Mode · Perfection Salad
Gutter Master
Jons · At Work On Several Things
Future's Done
The Lad Mags · The Future's Done
10 Lbs
The Super Friendz · Mock Up, Scale Down
A Troubled Monk in a Gift Shop
Puzzlehead · Fred's Man Cave
Program (Silver Apples)
Hand Cream · PROGRAM + OH , RATS
bitter, sour
gold gloom · Rosemary
One Fell Swoop
Weird Lines · Weird Lines
Bells Clanging · Frames