Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode March 3, 2016

March 3, 2016

9:15pm - 10:56pm

Music from coast to coast.

Track Listing:

Cool Party
Human Music · Human Party
yr living the dream and nothing else matters
everything is geometry · six fun little songs from summer 2015
The "Ellen" Page
Partner · The "Ellen" Page
Circles & Lines
Basic Nature · Circles & Lines
No, Joy (I'm Not Real, Girl)
Jo Passed · Out
Ceaseless Intent
Telstar Drugs · Sonatine
Vulva Culture · In Vain
Rooms · It takes a lot to show up
The Way Is Shut
Moonsocket · Eurydice
Camera Shy
Mike O'Neill · What Happens Now?
Yelverton Hill
The Inbreds · Winning Hearts
Wintermitts · Oceans
Like A Hurricane
E.S.L. · Eye Contact
So Sorry
Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts · From the Photographs
White Lung · Paradise
Wet Denim · WWWDD
Allison Pool
Warm Amps · Mental Fitness
Approach the Throne
Clues · Clues
Cash Money Gremlins
Green Go · Borders
Scour + Devour
Spiral Beach · Ball
Montreal -40C
Malajube · Trompe-l'œil
I Can Wait
Cadeaux · Cadeaux
Sara's Black Pyjamas
The Bonaduces · The Democracy of Sleep