Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode January 14, 2016

Broadcast on January 14, 2016

9:07pm - 10:14pm

Music From Coast to Coast

Track Listing:

Young Adults
Crossed Wires · Crossed Wires
Don't Laugh
Milk · Milk
Last Minute
Jons · Serfs of Today
Pale Red · The White Mink E.P.
Made It Out
Wallgrin · Wallgrin EP
I don't go outside, I don't like shit
Winona Forever · Yacht Rock (EP)
We share a pay cheque
rooms · It takes a lot to show up
katie and the lichen · Yours Truly
Warm Hair
Tough Age · I Get the Feeling Central
Warning Signs
Uptights · Uptights
Causeway Cannibal
Dirty Spells · Teeth
Low Levels · Low Levels
Blessed · Blessed
So Young
Fuzzy P · Fuzz EP
Scooter Gang
The Drearies · Eugene