Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode November 5, 2015

Broadcast on November 5, 2015

9:04pm - 10:05pm

Music From Coast to Coast.

Track Listing:

Sightlines · Sightlines
The View from the Highway
Rec Centre · Tacoma Dome
The "Ellen" Page
Partner · Partner
Wandering Limbs
Haiku Charlie · * ~ o0O *
I Don't Go Outside, I Don't Like Shit
Winona Forever · Yacht Rock
Hill Beast · Son of Hill Beast
Cool Wind
Koban · VIDE
Dead Bird
Fortress · Nite Prison LP Outakes
Twin Crystals · Emergency Room Vol. 1
We're Cutting Off Our Arms
Sharp Like Knives · No Pressure
Camping Trip
Station A · Diff'rent Parts
For Science
Closed Caption Radio · Slang X Generator
Bridget In The Basement
New Years Resolution · Bullets Of Love
Forget Everything
Better Friends Than Lovers · Great Loves