Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode July 23, 2015

Broadcast on 23-Jul-2015

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Nervous Talk - Already Gone-Nervous Talk
Adrian Teacher and the Subs - One Thing Your Money Couldn't Buy-Sorta Hafta EP
Shotgun Jimmie - Over a Million-Everything, Everything
Les Hay Babies - Bonnie and Clyde-Mon Homesick Heart
Jon McKiel - Twin Speaks-Jon McKiel
nancy pants - Borderline-TOTAL NANCY PANTS
New Fries - Goberth, Roberth-Fresh Face Forward
Human Music - Outta Sight-Sup
Moss Lime - Ice Cream Sandwiches-July First
Jennifer Castle - Nature-Pink City
Moonsocket - Holding On For Life-Moon Socket 7"
Crosss - interlocutor-Lo
The Lonely Parade - Mono-Splenda Thief EP
Frog Eyes - The Country Child-Carey's Cold Spring
Construction & Destruction - Black Dirt-Dark Lark
Klarka Weinwurm - The Planet-Huddle
Vogue Dots - Jealous Arts-Mauka

Track Listing:

Already Gone
Nervous Talk · Nervous Talk
One Thing Your Money Couldn't Buy
Adrian Teacher and the Subs · Sorta Hafta EP
Over a Million
Shotgun Jimmie · Everything, Everything
Bonnie and Clyde
Les Hay Babies · Mon Homesick Heart
Twin Speaks
Jon McKiel · Jon McKiel
nancy pants · TOTAL NANCY PANTS
Goberth, Roberth
New Fries · Fresh Face Forward
Outta Sight
Human Music · Sup
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Moss Lime · July First
Jennifer Castle · Pink City
Holding On For Life
Moonsocket · Moon Socket 7"
Crosss · Lo
The Lonely Parade · Splenda Thief EP
the country child
frog eyes · carey's cold spring
Black Dirt
Construction & Destruction · Dark Lark
The Planet
Klarka Weinwurm · Huddle
Jealous Arts
Vogue Dots · Mauka
Weekend In the World
Isaak Salomon · The Evening EP
Growing Pains
Isaak Salomon · The Evening EP