Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode July 16, 2015

Broadcast on 16-Jul-2015 - Chat with Did You Die

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Village - Nowhere (Village)
Zen Mystery Fogg - Because of You (Zen Mystery Fogg)
Did you Die - I Felt I Never Had You (Wild Love)
Did you Die - Somewhere Girl (Wild Love)
Hardship Post - My Only Aim (Hacked EP)
Did You Die - North Dakota (Die You Die)
Thrush Hermit - I'm Sorry If Your Heart Has No More Room (Sweet Homewrecker)
Failure - Stuck on You (Fantastic Planet)
Hum - Comin' Home (Downward is Heavenward)
Did You Die - Hey What's Wrong (Wild Love)
DIIV - Doused (Oshin)
Did You Die - Sidewinders (Wild Love)
Fugazi - Latin Roots (13 Songs)
Slowburn - Whatever (Slowburn)
Tristan Psionic - Helicopter (Sonic Unyon - We're now 5)
Jale - Brother (Promise)
Glad Rags - Meat Legs (Glad Rags)
The Dirtmitts - Police Beat (The Dirtmitts)
Falcao and Monashee - Plot (Falcao and Monashee)
plumtree - go! (predicts the future)

Track Listing:

village · village
Because of You
Zen Mystery Fogg · Zen Mystery Fogg
I Felt I Never Had You
Did you Die · Wild Love
Somewhere Girl
Did you Die · Wild Love
My Only Aim
Hardship Post · Hacked EP
North Dakota
Did You Die · Die You Die
I'm Sorry If Your Heart Has No More Room
Thrush Hermit · Sweet Homewrecker
Stuck on You
Failure · Fantastic Planet
Comin' Home
Hum · Downward is Heavenward
Hey What's Wrong
Did You Die · Wild Love
DIIV · Oshin
Did You Die · Wild Love
Latin Roots
Fugazi · 13 Songs
Slowburn · Slowburn
Tristan Psionic · Sonic Unyon - We're now 5
Jale · Promise
Meat Legs
Glad Rags · Glad Rags
Police Beat
The Dirtmitts · The Dirtmitts
Falcao and Monashee · Falcao and Monashee
plumtree · predicts the future