Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode June 25, 2015

Broadcast on 25-Jun-2015 - TV Ugly

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Tough Age - Tough Age-I Get the Feeling Central
Slightlines - Foreknowledge-Sightlines
Renny Wilson - Feel Like a Child-Sugarglider
Unity - Nothing-Unity
Peace - The World Is Too Much With Us-Peace
TV Ugly - Trash Party Island-Ruff Demos
TV Ugly - Owl King-Ruff Demos
supermoon - I've Been Told-Comet Lovejoh
Non La - Waves-0
Dumb - IRNCHK-Tulips EP
Trashbait - Thirst First-Trashbait
Girlfrend - Caroline-Caroline/Vivian
Z!k - Heavy Manners-Demo
Fine Mist - Stop Or Start-Fine Mist
Dead Ghosts - Summer With Phil-Can't Get No
SSRIs - Honest-Teems EP
TV Ugly - Night Before-Ruff Demos
Lie - Sorry-Consent
Half Chinese - Little Moon Beam-We Were Pretending To Be
Eric's Trip - My Bed Is Red-Forever Again

Track Listing:

Tough Age
Tough Age · I Get the Feeling Central
Slightlines · Sightlines
Feel Like A Child
Renny Wilson · Sugarglider
Unity · Unity
The World Is Too Much With Us
Peace · Peace
Trash Party Island
TV Ugly · Ruff Demos
Owl King
TV Ugly · Ruff Demos
I've Been Told
supermoon · Comet Lovejoh
Non La
Dumb · Tulips EP
Thirst First
Trashbait · Trashbait
Girlfrend · Caroline/Vivian
Heavy Manners
Z!k · Demo
Stop Or Start
Fine Mist · Fine Mist
Summer With Phil
Dead Ghosts · Can't Get No
SSRIs · Teems EP
Night Before
TV Ugly · Ruff Demos
Lie · Consent
Little Moon Beam
Half Chinese · We Were Pretending To Be
My Bed Is Red
Eric's Trip · Forever Again