Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode June 12, 2015

Broadcast on 12-Jun-2015 - Part One

9:06am - 10:00am

Ok Vancouver Ok - Hologram of Beauty (Influences)
OK Vancouver OK - In Lieu of the Moon (Influences)
Slight Birching - Perplexion/Perception (Cultural Envelope)
Language Arts - Hot Air Ballon (Wonderkind)
Haiku Charlie - Cave (~OOO)
Old And Weird - Blight Beat (What I Saw)
Two Minute Miracles - Since We Were Married (Volume IV The Lions Of Love)
Alea Rae - Flies (Flies & Lancaster)
Malcolm Jack - Worried 'Till I'm Buried (I'm My Own Bewitchment)
Abramson Singers - Hallmark Poultry Ltd (Hallmark Poultry Ltd)
Mike O'Neill - Something Nice (What Happens Now?)
great aunt ida - water and bones (our fall)
Isaak Salomon - Weekend In the World (The Evening EP)