Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode March 26, 2015

Broadcast on 26-Mar-2015 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Purple Hearts Social Club

Track Listing:

Waste of Time
Juvenile Hall · Magazine Collage
normal again
b-lines · opening band
High & Waiting//Cheap Cigarettes
Needles//Pins · Shamebirds
The Mouthbreathers · Corrupt the Youth
Everything New
No Joy · More Faithful
Try to Be
Blue Hawaii · Blue Hawaii
village · nowhere
Lonely Neighbour
The Lost Lovers Brigade · Little Skeletons
My Mind
Glad Rags · Glad Rags
Les Chaussettes · Les Chaussettes
Emeralds Shatter
Louise Burns · Louise Burns
Cool · Paint
Out To Lunch
Jay Arner · Jay Arner