Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode March 5, 2015

Broadcast on 05-Mar-2015

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Softess - Medicine (Dark Power)
Lie - Sorry (Consent)
Mornon Croesses - Marked Tricks (Ash & Temples)
Did You Die - Stove (All That Is Now)
Overnight - Unsinkable (Carry Me Home)
Overnight - Follow Me (Carry Me Home)
Bontempi - I Can Hear You (What Keeps Us Awake)
Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim (Predicts the Future)
Bells Clanging - Frames (Momentum Conservatory.)
Still Creek Murder - King (Dandelo)
EP Island - Engine Cleaner (Sweet'ish)
Moon - Gomorrah (Moon)
OK Vancouver OK - Hologram of a Beauty (Influences)
Old and Weird - As A Joke (What I Saw)
Like Elliot Did - On Your Own (Swell)
Local Rabbits - At Least You Got The Cake (This Is It Here We Go)
The Flashing Lights - Keep It to Yourself (Sweet Release)
run chico run - broadcaster (slow action)
Jale - Brother (Promise)

Track Listing:

Softess · Dark Power
Lie · Consent
Marked Tricks
Mornon Croesses · Ash & Temples
Did You Die · All That Is Now
Overnight · Carry Me Home
Follow Me
Overnight · Carry Me Home
I Can Hear You
Bontempi · What Keeps Us Awake
Scott Pilgrim
Plumtree · Predicts the Future
Bells Clanging · Momentum Conservatory.
Still Creek Murder · Dandelo
Engine Cleaner
EP Island · Sweet'ish
Moon · Moon
Hologram of a Beauty
OK Vancouver OK · Influences
As A Joke
Old and Weird · What I Saw
On Your Own
Like Elliot Did · Swell
At Least You Got The Cake
Local Rabbits · This Is It Here We Go
Keep It to Yourself
The Flashing Lights · Sweet Release
run chico run · slow action
Jale · Promise