Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode February 12, 2015

Broadcast on 12-Feb-2015 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

The Last of the Neighbours - Good Good Things (Short Lived Summer)
Bathhouse - Face Caught in a Bear Trap (Bathhouse)
Softess - Prayer Rights (Dark Power)
Phonecalls - Muddy Water (Regrets)
Aerosol Constellations - Chain Drawn by Wind (Dark Side of the Sun)
Stamina Mantis - Every Town Has a Stupid Side (The Hive Recordings)
Softess - Promises (Dark Power)
Don L'Orange - Corey Hart Lyrix (Don L'Orange)
Diane - Worship (Diane/Mormon Crosses Split)
Softess - Free Association (Dark Power)
Softess - Medicine (Dark Power)
Potus - Apocalypse Yesterday (Potus)

Track Listing:

Good Good Things
The Last of the Neighbours · Short Lived Summer
Face Caught in a Bear Trap
Bathhouse · Bathhouse
Prayer Rights
Softess · Dark Power
Muddy Water
Phonecalls · Regrets
Chain drawn by Wind
Aerosol Constillations · Dark Side of the Sun
Every Town Has a Stupid Side
Stamina Mantis · The Hive Recordings
Softess · Dark Power
Corey Hart Lyrix
Don L'Orange · Don L'Orange
Diane · Diane/Mormon Crosses Split
Free Association
Softess · Dark Power
Softess · Dark Power
apocalypse yesterday
Potus · Potus