Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode January 29, 2015

Broadcast on 29-Jan-2015 - Guest Host Steve Mann

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Thrush Hermit - on the sneak (sweet homewrecker)
Superfriendz - Boots (Mock Up Scale Down Reissue)
The Inbreds - Yelverton Hill (Winning Hearts)
Age of Electric - Blow Up (Make a Pest a Pet)
Sloan - I Am Cancer (Smeared)
Philoceraptor - Bad Vacation (Stop Ruining Fun)
Apollo Ghosts - Landmark (Landmark)
Grey Empire - 67 Blocks (Grey Empire)
Unicorns - Jellybones (Who Will Cut Our Hair when we're Gone)
Dead Soft - Never Forever (Live off the Noise Floor)
Teen Suicide - Haunt Me (X 3) (Waste Yrself)
Mikal Cronin - Better Man (Garage Swim)
Slam Dunk - Bleacher Loving (The Shivers)
Rivers Cuomo - Can't Stop Party (Alone 2: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo)
woolworm - bad thing (no caps)
Gun Control - Jimmy and Janice (Volume 1)

Track Listing:

on the sneak
thrush hermit · sweet homewrecker
Superfriendz · Mock Up Scale Down Reissue
Yelverton Hill
The Inbreds · Winning Hearts
Blow Up
Age of Electric · Make a Pest a Pet
I Am Cancer
Sloan · Smeared
Bad Vacation
Philoceraptor · Stop Ruining Fun
Apollo Ghosts · Landmark
67 Blocks
Grey Empire · Grey Empire
Unicorns · Who Will Cut Our Hair when we're Gone
Never Forever
Dead Soft · Live off the Noise Floor
Haunt Me (X 3)
Teen Suicide · Waste Yrself
Better Man
Mikal Cronin · Garage Swim
Bleacher Loving
Slam Dunk · The Shivers
Can't Stop Party
Rivers Cuomo · Alone 2: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo
bad thing
woolworm · no caps
Jimmy and Janice
Gun Control · Volume 1