Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode December 18, 2014

Broadcast on 18-Dec-2014 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

The Feminists - Hello Toronto (She Could Be)
Rec Centre - Regency (Monster of the Week)
kids these days - Three Lights (All these interruptions)
My Project Blue - Control of Me (My Project Blue EP)
Overnight - Overnight (Carry Me Home)
Weird Lines - Twin Summers (Weird Lines 7")
Tyranahorse - Knife In the Heart (Ghostwolfmotherhawk)
The Lad Mags - Alien Bride (Hypnotized)
Pale Red - Following (The White Mink)
Still Creek Murder - Needles (To Shreds)

Track Listing:

Hello Toronto
The Feminists · She Could Be
Rec Centre · Monster of the Week
Three Lights
kids these days · All these interruptions
Control of Me
My Project Blue · My Project Blue EP
Overnight · Carry Me Home
Twin Summers
Weird Lines · Weird Lines 7"
Knife In the Heart
Tyranahorse · Ghostwolfmotherhawk
Alien Bride
The Lad Mags · Hypnotized
Pale Red · The White Mink
Still Creek Murder · To Shreds