Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode December 11, 2014

Broadcast on 11-Dec-2014 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Malk - Switch (Malk)
Dead Soft - Emergency (Dead Soft)
Crystal Swells - Beach Bear (Crystal Swells/Sightlines 7")
Did You Die - Sidewinders (Did You Die)
Funk Schwey - Sh'qweyla (Funk Schwey)
Raised on DJs - Sever and Stitch (Steady Diet)
The Plodes - Dogs Become Animals (High Five Every Animal)
Purple Hearts Social Club - Holding You (Purple Hearts Social Club)
Wet Denim - Leisure (Wet Denim)
Octoberman - What More Do you What? (What More What More)
Candela Farm - Sound of Decay (DADF#AD)
The Flintetttes - It Could've Been Love (Open Your Eyes)
Eric's Trip - Open Your Heart (Warm Girl)
Moonsocket - Dirty Mind (A Paperheart Tribute to Lou Barlow)
Hermetic - Heartbreakology (Heartbreakology)

Track Listing:

Malk · Malk
Dead Soft · Dead Soft
Beach Bear
Crystal Swells · Crystal Swells/Sightlines 7"
Did You Die · Did You Die
Funk Schwey · Funk Schwey
Sever and Stitch
Raised on DJs · Steady Diet
Dogs Become Animals
The Plodes · High Five Every Animal
Holding You
Purple Hearts Social Club · Purple Hearts Social Club
Wet Denim · Wet Denim
What More Do you What?
Octoberman · What More What More
Sound of Decay
Candela Farm · DADF#AD
It Could've Been Love
The Flintetttes · Open Your Eyes
Open Your Heart
Eric's Trip · Warm Girl
Dirty Mind
Moonsocket · A Paperheart Tribute to Lou Barlow
Hermetic · Heartbreakology