Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode November 27, 2014

Broadcast on 27-Nov-2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Glad Rags - Popsicles (Glad Rags)
Stanley Park - Stanley Park (Shindig demo)
Tarantula Head - Tarantula (Shindig demo)
Rufus and Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Breakin')
J.J.Fad - Now Really (Supersonic)
Symmetry - City of Dreams (Themes for Imaginary Films)
Nico - Frozen Warnings (The Marble Index)
10lec6 - Counter Stroke (Join Us)
Sewn Leather - Unclear War (Sewn Leather)
Fuck Montreal - Knife Fuck (Fuck Winter)
Emily - Zeit (Emily)
adorable - sunshine smile (against perfection)
Manic Street Preachers - Love's Sweet Exile (Generation Terrorists)
White Lung - Wrong Star (Deep Fantasy)
Nirvana - Drain You (Nevermind)
Patti Smith Group - Dancing Barefoot (Wave)
Daisy World - Human Reuni on (Daisy World)
Sleetmute Nightmute - Interference (Sleetmute Nightmute)
Hustler White - Ramrod (Hustle White)
Death Sentence: Panda - Tribal Boyfriend (Tour CD)
Sida - Apollo 13 (Apollo 13)
The Jim Carroll Band - Voices (Tuff Turf Original Soundtrack)
Skinny Puppy - Warlock (Rabies)
Terror Bird - Party are for Fools (Terror Bird)
Lightnig Dust - Wind Me Up (Lightnig Dust)
Martin Rev - Rodeo (Clouds of Glory)
Taylor Savvy - Jealousy (Ladies & Gentleman)
Farah - Into Eternity (After Dark 2)
Sloan - Dirty Nails (Sloan)
Russian TsarlagRussian Tsarlag - No Reason (Liquid Nails)

Track Listing:

Glad Rags · Glad Rags
Stanley Park
Stanley Park · Shindig demo
Tarantula Head · Shindig demo
Ain't Nobody
Rufus and Chaka Khan · Breakin'
Now Really
J.J.Fad · Supersonic
City of Dreams
Symmetry · Themes for Imaginary Films
Frozen Warnings
Nico · The Marble Index
Counter Stroke
10lec6 · Join Us
Unclear War
Sewn Leather · Sewn Leather
Knife Fuck
Fuck Montreal · Fuck Winter
Emily · Emily
sunshine smile
adorable · against perfection
Love's Sweet Exile
Manic Street Preachers · Generation Terrorists
Wrong Star
White Lung · Deep Fantasy
Drain You
Nirvana · Nevermind
Dancing Barefoot
Patti Smith Group · Wave
Human Reuni on
Daisy World · Daisy World
Sleetmute Nightmute · Sleetmute Nightmute
Hustler White · Hustle White
Tribal Boyfriend
Death Sentence: Panda · Tour CD
Apollo 13
Sida · Apollo 13
The Jim Carroll Band · Tuff Turf Original Soundtrack
Skinny Puppy · Rabies
Party are for Fools
Terror Bird · Terror Bird
Wind Me Up
Lightnig Dust · Lightnig Dust
Martin Rev · Clouds of Glory
Taylor Savvy · Ladies & Gentleman
Into Eternity
Farah · After Dark 2
Dirty Nails
Sloan · Sloan
No Reason
Russian TsarlagRussian Tsarlag · Liquid Nails