Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode September 4, 2014

Broadcast on 04-Sep-2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Black Rice - Throat Wolf (Current)
What's Wrong Tohei? - Poison Ground (Sick Days)
Jiffy Marker - I Wanna Be A Good Boy ("WINSTON")
Ghost House - Not Everything Ends (The Present Tense)
Himalayan Bear - Half-Wit Son (Hard Times)
Slight Birching - Knowledge Drifts (Cultural Envelope)
Imaginary Pants - Creaking Gates (Kities at Night)
The Diskettes - Come On Over (The Diskettes)
Just Barelys - (s)kills (Top)
Granny Squares - Ms Sun (Hi Hi Hi Hi)
Poor Baby - OK OK OK (Mind Control)
B-Lines - Tell Me (Opening band)
Painted Youth - The New Weather (Painted Youth)
Monomyth - Downer (Saturnalia Regalia!)
Tops - Blind Faze (Picture You Staring)
Catamaran - Haunted (Catamaran)
The Super Friendz - 10 lbs (Mock Up, Scale Down)

Track Listing:

Throat Wolf
Black Rice · Current
Poison Ground
What's Wrong Tohei? · Sick Days
I Wanna Be A Good Boy
Jiffy Marker · "WINSTON"
Not Everything Ends
Ghost House · The Present Tense
Half-Wit Son
Himalayan Bear · Hard Times
Knowledge Drifts
Slight Birching · Cultural Envelope
Creaking Gates
Imaginary Pants · Kities at Night
Come On Over
The Diskettes · The Diskettes
Just Barelys · Top
Ms Sun
Granny Squares · Hi Hi Hi Hi
Poor Baby · Mind Control
Tell Me
B-Lines · Opening band
The New Weather
Painted Youth · Painted Youth
Monomyth · Saturnalia Regalia!
Blind Faze
Tops · Picture You Staring
Catamaran · Catamaran
10 lbs
The Super Friendz · Mock Up, Scale Down