Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode July 24, 2014

Broadcast on 24-Jul-2014 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Katie and the Lichen - Bottle Fed (Yours Truly)
Haiku Charlie - Oh no (Sweety)
Sleuth - Loves Goes On! (Heaven Knows, Love Goes On)
Cascadia - Josie (Level Trust)
Dead Soft - Never Forever (Dead Soft)
Pups - Cement (Pups)
Weird Lines - Twin Summers (Weird Lines)
EONS - Brothers And Sisters (Arctic Radio)
The Weather Station - Came So Easy (All Of It Was Mine)
Olympic Symphonium - Home (Chance To Fate)
Ought - Only Sleeping (New Calm EP)
Dusted - Pale Light (Total Dust)
Motherhood - Caddy Whack Pt. 1 (Caddy Whack)
Freelover Fenner - Eva (Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner)
Cool - I Can Handle That (I Can Handle That)
Cousins - Other Ocean (The Halls of Wickwire)

Track Listing:

Bottle Fed
Katie and the Lichen · Yours Truly
Oh no
Haiku Charlie · Sweety
Loves Goes On!
Sleuth · Heaven Knows, Love Goes On
Cascadia · Level Trust
Never Forever
Dead Soft · Dead Soft
Pups · Pups
Twin Summers
Weird Lines · Weird Lines
Brothers And Sisters
EONS · Arctic Radio
Came So Easy
The Weather Station · All Of It Was Mine
Olympic Symphonium · Chance To Fate
Only Sleeping
Ought · New Calm EP
Pale Light
Dusted · Total Dust
Caddy Whack Pt. 1
Motherhood · Caddy Whack
Freelover Fenner · Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner
I Can Handle That
Cool · I Can Handle That
Other Ocean
Cousins · The Halls of Wickwire