Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode July 3, 2014

Broadcast on 03-Jul-2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

The Doers - Moment Noticed (Whatcha Doin'?)
Collapsing Opposites - Bump on a Log (Revolution is Now)
Doug Mason - Poutine Village (Fox Pirate)
The Rain and the sidewalk - Found a friend (The obligatory covers)
Thee AHs - Nothing in the Dark (Corey's Coathangers)
Flash Palace - Guise (Ceiling All)
memoryhouse - all our wonder (the slideshow effect)
village - claustro (nowhere)
Alvvays - Adult Diversion (Alvvays)
The Bonaduces - Armadillo (The Bonaduces)
Isotopes - You Gotta Freeze (The First Four Seasons)
Sharp Like Knives - We're Cutting Off Our Arms (No Pressure)
Hemogoblin - hand sanitizer cocktail (hemogoblin/bertha cool split)
Keep Tidy - Keep tidy (budsbuds)

Track Listing:

Moment Noticed
The Doers · Whatcha Doin'?
Bump on a Log
Collapsing Opposites · Revolution is Now
Poutine Village
Doug Mason · Fox Pirate
Found a friend
The Rain and the sidewalk · The obligatory covers
Nothing in the Dark
Thee AHs · Corey's Coathangers
Flash Palace · Ceiling All
all our wonder
memoryhouse · the slideshow effect
village · nowhere
Adult Diversion
Alvvays · Alvvays
The Bonaduces · The Bonaduces
You Gotta Freeze
Isotopes · The First Four Seasons
We're Cutting Off Our Arms
Sharp Like Knives · No Pressure
hand sanitizer cocktail
Hemogoblin · hemogoblin/bertha cool split
Keep tidy
Keep Tidy · budsbuds