Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode June 5, 2014

Broadcast on 05-Jun-2014 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

NEEDS - Not what I said, what Edward Said said-Rare Earths
Get Real - Afraid of Everything-Get Real
Genderdog - Weepy-Genderdog
Quitting - Enter Happiness State-Demo
Fake Tears - Uncanny Valley-Fake Tears
SNIT - Falling-Salivation
Candela Farm - Wounded Anenome-Candela Farm
Cool - Cool TV-Best New Music
Black Magique - Fashion Kills-Fashion Kills
War Baby - Eternal Life Insurance-Jesus Horse
Other Jesus - Couch-Bachelor of Art
Cave Girl - Time-Demo
Spring Breaks - Wimp-Demo
Gun Control - Rod-Noise
Language Arts - Wonderkind-Wonderkind
Language Arts - Hot Air Balloon-Wonderkind

Track Listing:

Not what I said, what Edward Said said
Needs · Rare Earths
afraid of everything
get real · get real
Genderdog · Genderdog
Enter Happiness State
Quitting · Demo
Uncanny Valley
Fake Tears · Fake Tears
SNIT · Salivation
Wounded Anenome
Candela Farm · Candela Farm
Cool TV
Cool · Best New Music
Fashion Kills
Black Magique · Fashion Kills
Eternal Life Insurance
War Baby · Jesus Horse
Other Jesus · Bachelor of Art
Cave Girl · Demo
Spring Breaks · Demo
Gun Control · Noise
Language Arts · Wonderkind
Hot Air Balloon
Language Arts · Wonderkind