Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode April 24, 2014

Broadcast on 24-Apr-2014 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

The Everywheres - Watch it Grow (The Everywheres)
Moon - Bliss (Moon)
Walrus - Glam Returns (Glam Returns)
Mouthbreathers - Every Day Is Not Kids Day (Stone Soup)
The Stolen Minks - Party All Night (Hit And Run)
The Maynards - William (break out the make out)
Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me (Alvvays)
Diana - Born Again (Diana)
Hot Panda - Future Markets (Got Outside)
Spring - Secrets (Celebrations)
Slow Learners - Habit (Slow Learners)
Previous Tenants - Hibachi (Rare Form)
solids - haze away (blame confusion)
Philoceraptor - Rooftop Patio (Stop Ruining Fun)

Track Listing:

Watch it Grow
The Everywheres · The Everywheres
Moon · Moon
Glam Returns
Walrus · Glam Returns
Every Day Is Not Kids Day
Mouthbreathers · Stone Soup
Party All Night
The Stolen Minks · Hit And Run
the maynards · break out the make out
Archie, Marry Me
Alvvays · Alvvays
Born Again
Diana · Diana
Future Markets
Hot Panda · Got Outside
Spring · Celebrations
Slow Learners · Slow Learners
Previous Tenants · Rare Form
haze away
solids · blame confusion
Rooftop Patio
Philoceraptor · Stop Ruining Fun