Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode April 17, 2014

Broadcast on 17-Apr-2014 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Sightlines - Foreknowledge (Split 7")
Crystal Swells - Beach Bear (Split 7")
Keep Tidy - Crosspaw (BUDSBUDS)
Pizza Sub - Common Cold (Pizza Sub)
B-Lines - World War Four (B-Lines)
The Binz - Trouble On The Horizon (How to Freak Out..)
You Say Party - The Gap (Between the Rich and the Poor) (Decennium EP)
Thee AHs - Alice (Thee AHs)
Plumtree - The Game's Over (Predicts the Future)
Tops - Go Away (Tender Opposites)
Renny Wilson - Could've It Been Me? (Sugarglider)
Jay Arner - T.S.A.T.S. (Single)
boats - animated gifs (a fairway full of miners)
Dog Day - In Another Life (Fade Out)
Mi'ens - Pointillist Pilot (Demo EP)
Language Arts - 5 W's (Wonderkind)

Track Listing:

Sightlines · Split 7"
Beach Bear
Crystal Swells · Split 7"
Keep Tidy · BUDSBUDS
Common Cold
Pizza Sub · Pizza Sub
World War Four
B-Lines · B-Lines
Trouble On The Horizon
The Binz · How to Freak Out..
The Gap (Between the Rich and the Poor)
You Say Party · Decennium EP
Thee AHs · Thee AHs
The Game's Over
Plumtree · Predicts the Future
Go Away
Tops · Tender Opposites
Could've It Been Me?
Renny Wilson · Sugarglider
Jay Arner · Single
animated gifs
boats · a fairway full of miners
In Another Life
Dog Day · Fade Out
Pointillist Pilot
Mi'ens · Demo EP
5 W's
Language Arts · Wonderkind