Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode March 20, 2014

Broadcast on 20-Mar-2014 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Fantasy Prom - Swirl (Swirl)
Fantasy Prom - Ugly Turn (Swirl)
Zen Mystery Fogg - Moonshine (Zen Mystery Fogg)
The Oh Wells - I Hate the Sun (Not that girl from transformers)
COOL - Red (Paint)
Shawn Mrazek Lives! - Forget The Past (Thought He Was Dead)
JIffy Marker - Heartbreaker (WINSTON)
Other Jesus - Modern Art (Bachelor of Arts)
Failing - Houses (The Apple In the Pig's Mouth)
bad channels - sugarcubes (bad channels)
dead soft - maybe (Teen fiction)
Alvvays - Adult Diversion (Alvvays)
The National Shield - On My Bloody Hands (Weird Lines)
Eden Fine Day - Brian (Lucky) (Things Get Better)
Jody Glenham - Between You and Me (Dreamer)

Track Listing:

Fantasy Prom · Swirl
Ugly Turn
Fantasy Prom · Swirl
Zen Mystery Fogg · Zen Mystery Fogg
I Hate the Sun
The Oh Wells · Not that girl from transformers
COOL · Paint
Forget The Past
Shawn Mrazek Lives! · Thought He Was Dead
JIffy Marker · WINSTON
Modern Art
Other Jesus · Bachelor of Arts
Failing · The Apple In the Pig's Mouth
bad channels · bad channels
dead soft · Teen fiction
Adult Diversion
Alvvays · Alvvays
On My Bloody Hands
The National Shield · Weird Lines
Brian (Lucky)
Eden Fine Day · Things Get Better
between you and me
jody glenham · dreamer