Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode February 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Feb-2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Juvenile Hall - Pizza Party-Magazine Collage
Yung Mums - Cobra-Yung Mums
Duchess Says - S.O.H...-In a FUNG Day T
Bertha Cool - Secret Frequencies-7" split w/ Hemogoblin
Fantasy Prom - Like I Care-Swirl
Village - Stranger Thoughts-Stranger Thoughts
Ok Vancouver Ok - i want children to swim in a river they can drink from-Food Shelter Water
Philoceraptor - One of These Days-Stop Ruining Fun
The Establishment - The Day We Hit the Coast-Songs for the Gang
Thrush Hermit - North Dakota-Sweet Homewrecker
The Mouthbreathers - Street Sense-Stone Soup
Sprial Beach - Scour + Devour-The Only really Thing
Dog Day - Lurking Fear-Fade Out
Doldrums - Anormaly-Lesser Evil
The Abramson Singers - Marguerite-Late Riser
Laura Barrett - Consumption-Victory Garden
Octoberman - Thirty Reasons-Fortresses

Track Listing:

Pizza Party
Juvenile Hall · Magazine Collage
Yung Mums · Yung Mums
Duchess Says · In a FUNG Day T
Secret Frequencies
Bertha Cool · 7" split w/ Hemogoblin
like i care
fantasy prom · swirl
Stranger Thoughts
Village · Stranger Thoughts
i want children to swim in a river they can drink from
OK Vancouver OK · Food Shelter Water
One of These Days
Philoceraptor · Stop Ruining Fun
The Day We Hit the Coast
The Establishment · Songs for the Gang
north dakota
thrush hermit · sweet homewrecker
Street Sense
The Mouthbreathers · Stone Soup
Scour + Devour
Sprial Beach · The Only really Thing
Lurking Fear
Dog Day · Fade Out
Doldrums · Lesser Evil
The Abramson Singers · Late Riser
Laura Barrett · Victory Garden
Thirty Reasons
Octoberman · Fortresses