Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode November 21, 2013

Broadcast on 21-Nov-2013

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Open Relationship - Too Drunk-Poochy
Love Cuts - Horoscopes-+2-1
Dream Baby - His Eys are the Moon-Live at the Wow-Wow!
Pineapple - Words of A Girl-Pineapple
Zen Mystery Fogg - Moonshine-Shindig demo
Jiffy Marker - Minor Threat-WINSTON
Needles//Pins - Polaroid-Polaroid
The Smugglers - Especially You-Growing Up Smuggler
Isotopes - Take Me Out to the Ball Game-Blood Diamond EP
Fun 100 - Computer-Fun 100
No Joy - Starchild Is Dead-Pastel And Pass Out
Louise Burns - San Andreas-The Midnight Mass
Breeze - Paradise (in a while)-Breeze
Cascadia - Yours-Level Trust
Elevator - New Years Revelation 2001-Hallamusic Session
Moon - Card, Crane, Ha-Moon
Chairs - Future-The Droning of an Insect Wing
Faux Fur - Rough Palms-Faux Fur
Monomyth - 10000-King, Does This Not Please You?
Each Other - Traces to Nowhere-Traces to Nowhere
True Crush - Endless Summer-True Crush
Family Video - Provinces and Terrritories-Family Video fun + sad
Big Damn Heroes - Daphne-Demos
Heaven For Real - Love Solo-Wanton
PUPS - pop song-PUPS
The Abramson Singers - Jack of Diamonds-Late Riser
Jay Arner - Surf Don't Sink-Jay Arner

Track Listing:

Too Drunk
Open Relationship · Poochy
love cuts · +2-1
His Eys are the Moon
Dream Baby · Live at the Wow-Wow!
Words of A Girl
Pineapple · Pineapple
Zen Mystery Fogg · Shindig demo
Minor Threat
Jiffy Marker · WINSTON
Needles//Pins · Polaroid
Especially You
The Smugglers · Growing Up Smuggler
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Isotopes · Blood Diamond EP
Fun 100 · Fun 100
Starchild Is Dead
No Joy · Pastel And Pass Out
San Andreas
Louise Burns · The Midnight Mass
Paradise (in a while)
Breeze · Breeze
Cascadia · Level Trust
New Years Revelation 2001
Elevator · Hallamusic Session
Card, Crane, Ha
Moon · Moon
Chairs · The Droning of an Insect Wing
rough palms
faux fur · faux fur
Monomyth · King, Does This Not Please You?
Traces to Nowhere
Each Other · Traces to Nowhere
Endless Summer
True Crush · True Crush
Provinces and Terrritories
Family Video · Family Video fun + sad
Big Damn Heroes · Demos
Love Solo
Heaven For Real · Wanton
pop song
Jack of Diamonds
The Abramson Singers · Late Riser
Surf Don't Sink
Jay Arner · Jay Arner