Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode November 7, 2013

Broadcast on 07-Nov-2013 - Part One

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Black Owl

Track Listing:

Unknown Sister
Drawn Ship · Ghost Weight
child of the radio
the heavy blinkers · health
Wounded Anenome
Candela Farm · Wounded Anenome
Stupid Bird
42 · Stupid Bird
maQLu · Liberation
The Road Less Trampled
Violet Height · Violet Height
Sightlines · Summer EP
Bad Vacation
Philoceraptor · Stop Ruining Fun
A Will and Grace Period
EEEK! · Move Real Slow
Walk It Off
Inherent Vices · Sacred Sigils Tape
Worried till I'm Buried
Malcolm Jack · I'm My Own Bewitchment
All Confused
Cult Babies · Cult Babies
Died in the Water
The Godspot · The Dust on a Moth's Wings