Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode May 23, 2013

Broadcast on 23-May-2013

9:30pm - 11:00pm

Moria Nelson - Log Driver's Waltz
The Abramson Singers - Marguerite
Julie Dorion - The Songwriter
Ruth Minnikin - Positively
Hayden - Almost Everything
Ron Sexsmith - Nowhere Is
Jay Arner - Midnight on South Granville
Mike O'Neill - This Is Who I AM
Rec Centre - Cold Call
Hooded Fang - Bye Bye Land
Thee AHs - National Pastime
Philoceraptor - Booze Hounds and Bridge Trolls
Crystal Swells - Pacific Center Sludge
War Baby - DENTADA
Dead Soft - Sun Is Light
Reverter - Dad Chips
Bertha Cool - Rat King
Keep Tidy - Fuck It (We're Doing It Live)
SUUNS - Mirror Mirror

Track Listing:

Log Driver's Waltz
Moria Nelson · Echoes of Another Time
The Abramson Singers · Late Riser
The Songwriter
Julie Dorion · Julie Dorion & Okkervil River
Ruth Minnikin · The Minnikin's Photo Album
Almost Everything
Hayden · Us Alone
Nowhere Is
Ron Sexsmith · Forever Endeavor
This Is Who I AM
Mike O'Neill · Wild Lines
Midnight on South Granville
Jay Arner · Jay Arner
Cold Call
Rec Centre · Times A Billion
Bye Bye Land
Hooded Fang · Gravez
National Pastime
Thee AHs · Future Without Her
Booze Hounds and Bridge Trolls
Philoceraptor · Stop Ruinning Fun
Pacific center sludge
Crystal swells · harshside/sludgefreaks
War Baby · Jesus Horse
Sun Is Light
Dead Soft · Sun Is Light
Dad Chips
Reverter · Future You
Fuck It (We're Doing It Live)
Keep Tidy · BUDSBUDS
Mirror Mirror
SUUNS · Images du Futur