Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode November 1, 2012

Broadcast on 01-Nov-2012

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Sightlines - Beleaguered (Summer EP)
Philoceraptor - Ghost's Coast (Treats )
woolworm - alamir feeling (believe in ourselves )
Dead Soft - See Through (dead soft)
Joyce Island - No Sorrow (Shindig Demo)
Confessions of Owls - Diamond Ghost (Shindig Demo)
Big EviL - Tendrils (Shindig Demo)
Weights & Measures - Skipping School On The First Day (Invest In the Death Of)
Trail Vs. Russia - The Most Expensive Joke (Mass Transit)
Village - Nowhere (Nowhere)
Julie Doiron - The Gambler (So Many Days)
Slam Dunk - Why Can't I Change (Welcome To Miami)
Juvenile Hall - Waste of Time (Magazine Collage)
B-Lines - World War Four (s/t)
Keep Tidy - Crosspaws (Budsbuds)
Boogie Monster - Castle In the Clouds (Castle In the Clouds(Digi​-​7" Edit))
The Courtneys - Nu Sundae (K​.​C. Reeves (Tape))

Track Listing:

Sightlines · Summer EP
Ghost's Coast
Philoceraptor · Treats
Alamir Feeling
Woolworm · believe in ourselves
See Through
Dead Soft · Dead Soft
No Sorrow
Joyce Island · Shindig Demo
Diamond Ghost
Confessions of Owls · Shindig Demo
Big EviL · Shindig Demo
Skipping School On The First Day
Weights & Measures · Invest In the Death Of
The Most Expensive Joke
Trail Vs. Russia · Mass Transit
village · nowhere
The Gambler
Julie Doiron · So Many Days
Why Can't I Change
Slam Dunk · Welcome To Miami
Waste of Time
Juvenile Hall · Magazine Collage
World War Four
B-Lines · S/T
Keep Tidy · Budsbuds
Castle In the Clouds
Boogie Monster · Castle In the Clouds(Digi​-​7" Edit)
Nu Sundae
The Courtneys · K​.​C. Reeves (Tape)