Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode October 18, 2012

Broadcast on 18-Oct-2012

9:05pm - 11:05pm

Dylan Rysstad - Send 'Em To Jasper (Halfway Houses)
Katie and the Lichen - Misbehaving (Kiss and Run)
Jody Glenham - Gypsy Babe (Bandcamp)
Haiku Charlie - Sweetie (Bandcamp)
Grey Empire - Telephone Lines (Grey Empire)
Heard In The Mountains - In The Meadow (Shindig Demos)
Elvis Was A Blonde - Funeral Jack (Elvis Was A Blonde)
Dead Soft - Down Here (Dead Soft)
The Super Friendz - 10 Lbs (Sticktoitiveness)
Eric's Trip - My Bed Is Red (The Eric's Trip Show)
The Godspot - Died in the Water​(​but didn't drown) (The Godspot)
Half Chinese - China Creek (We Were Pretending To Be)
Run Chico Run - Jacques And Madeleine (Shashbo)
woolworm - Abair Feeling (Safe Amp Comp)
Chris-a-riffic - Christian Witch (Bible Beats)

Track Listing:

Send 'Em To Jasper
Dylan Rysstad · Halfway Houses
Katie and the Lichen · Kiss and Run
Gypsy Babe
Jody Glenham · Bandcamp
Haiku Charlie · Bandcamp
Telephone Lines
Grey Empire · Grey Empire
In The Meadow
Heard In The Mountains · Shindig Demos
Funeral Jack
Elvis Was A Blonde · Elvis Was A Blonde
Down Here
Dead Soft · Dead Soft
10 Lbs
The Super Friendz · Sticktoitiveness
My Bed Is Red
Eric's Trip · The Eric's Trip Show
Died in the Water​(​but didn't drown)
The Godspot · The Godspot
China Creek
Half Chinese · We Were Pretending To Be
Jacques And Madeleine
Run Chico Run · Shashbo
Abair Feeling
woolworm · Safe Amp Comp
Christian Witch
Chris-a-riffic · Bible Beats