Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode October 11, 2012

Broadcast on 11-Oct-2012 - Part One

9:06pm - 9:06pm

The Just Barelys - Almost Exactly (Mad Bits)
The National Shield - Common Birds Nest (Weird Lines)
GREENBACK HIGH - Bombs Away (Shindig Demo)
Nam Shub - Marble Cardigan (Cascadia)
Rags To Radio - Cup Of Tea (Shindig Demo)
EEEK! - Gospel Problems (Two EP Cassette)
Inherent Vices - Walk It Off (Sacred Sigils Tape )
Weights & Measures - The Love That You Share is Making Everyone Else Sick (Invest In The Death Of)
Pizza Sub - Pizza Sub (Pizza Sub)
Ford Pier Vengeance Trio - When We Were Poor (HUZZAH!)
Moonsocket - Go Your Own Way (You Have A Pretty Life)
PUPS - take your shoes off (Demo)
Great Aunt Ida - Lonely (Nuclearize Me)
Skort - Smell My Hippie Love (Demo)

Track Listing:

Almost Exactly
The Just Barelys · Mad Bits
Common Birds Nest
The National Shield · Weird Lines
Bombs Away
marble cardigan
nam shub · cascadia
Cup Of Tea
Rags To Radio · Shindig Demo
Gospel Problems
EEEK! · Two EP Cassette
Walk It Off
Inherent Vices · Sacred Sigils Tape
The Love That You Share is Making Everyone Else Sick
Weights & Measures · Invest In The Death Of
Pizza Sub
Pizza Sub · Pizza Sub
When We Were Poor
Ford Pier Vengeance Trio · HUZZAH!
Go Your Own Way
Moonsocket · You Have A Pretty Life
take your shoes off
PUPS · Demo
Great Aunt Ida · Nuclearize Me
Smell My Hippie Love
Skort · Demo