Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode August 9, 2012

Broadcast on 09-Aug-2012 - Part One

9:11pm - 11:00pm

Inherent Vices - Trapped In The Darkness (Sacred Sigils)
Peace - The World Is Too Much With Us
Defektors - Black September (Nite Prison Compliation)
Pizza Sub - Common Cold (Pizza Sub)
Blondewich - BOOM BOOM
Tyranahorse - Rumble Tumble (Garbage Bears)
Katie and the Lichen - Quarrels (Kiss and Run)
Selkies - Schoolteacher (Tall Grass)
Moonsocket - The Garden Fails
Octoberman - Wind Up Bird (Waiting In the Well)
Love Cuts - Mimes (Love Cuts)
White Poppy - Free (I Had A Dream)
No Joy - Junior (Negaverse)
SSRIs - Clay Faced, Meat Boots ( Effeminate Godzilla​-​Sized Wind Chimes)
The Godspot - Died in the Water​(​but didn't drown) ( The Dust on a Moth's Wings )
Valley Girl - You Are the Sun (Demo)

Track Listing:

Trapped In The Darkness
Inherent Vices · Sacred Sigils
The World Is Too Much With Us
Peace · bandcamp
Black September
Defektors · Nite Prison Compliation
Common Cold
Pizza Sub · Pizza Sub
Blondewich · bandcamp
Rumble Tumble
Tyranahorse · Garbage Bears
Katie and the Lichen · Kiss and Run
Selkies · Tall Grass
The Garden Fails
Wind Up Bird
Octoberman · Waiting In The Well
love cuts · love cuts
White Poppy · I Had a Dream
No Joy · Negaverse
Clay Faced, Meat Boots
SSRIs · Effeminate Godzilla​-​Sized Wind Chimes
Died in the Water​(​but didn't drown)
The Godspot · The Dust on a Moth's Wings
You Are the Sun
Valley Girl · Demo