Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode July 12, 2012

Broadcast on 12-Jul-2012 - Part One

9:03am - 10:12am

Cascadia - Temperatures (glue)
Nam Shub - Perfect Toque Weather (Cascadia)
My Project Blue - Messed Up In The Heart (S/T)
Synthcake - Sail Away (Molding Through Seasons)
Aunts & Uncles - November (S/T)
Real Boys - Whale (Real Boys EP)
You Say Party - Lonely's Lunch (XXXX)
The National Shield - Five Cents A Dance (Weird Lines)
Pleasure Cruise - Hey, That's No Way Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen the bard of Montreal)
Eric's Trip - The Road South (The Road South)
Random Cuts - Jail My Mind (Adventures in Somnambulism)
Juvenile Hall - Doctor Says (Got Caught)
Bertha Cool - Full Moon Tonite
Safety Show - library (O'burro)
Wintermitts - Sharks (Oceans)
Apollo Ghost - Palm of My Hand (Forgotten Triangle)