Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode May 10, 2012

Broadcast on 10-May-2012 - Part One

9:04am - 10:07am

Womankind Womankind Miami Tan
Men At Adventure Men At Adventure Chop Thru It
Crystal Swells Goethe Head Soup Dead Awake
Isotopes Blood Diamond Rule 21/Operation Vamos
Keep Tidy Basement Mold Simpson Quotes
Bad Channels TV Dinner EP Little Bit
Cascadia Glue Protection
Sightlines demo Twenty-Seven
Wintermitts Oceans Springtime
octoberman waiting in the well pool hoppin’
The Inbreds Winning Hearts Yelverton Hill
thrush hermit smart bomb french inhale
plumtree predicts the future you just don’t exist
Cursed Arrows Skin Behind the Shroud Empty Memory Bank
Like Elliot Did If You Want Me To, I Will Move to my City
Chris-A-riffic Bible Belts For Real
Apollo Ghosts Landmark Will You Forget Me