Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode December 1, 2011

Broadcast on 01-Dec-2011

9:01am - 11:02am

From Birch to Yew / To Keep Those Alive
Tyranahorse / teenage girl
Sleuth / Apocalypse, Please Sign The Release Form First
Vancougar / Philadelphia
The Salteens / If Love Is Gone Where Do We Go From Here
Fanshaw / Strong Hips
the front / born at all
Black Rice / Witchhunt
Clover Honey / Alleyway
The Oh Wells / I Hate the Sun
The R.A.D.I.O. / Track 3
3 Inches of Blood / Revenge Is A Vulture
Hidden Towers / Ashes of the zeppelin
The Cinch / Forwards and Backwards
Nerve Tubes / Kiss Me Carl
Readymade / Of Urban Sprawl
Mystery Machine / YTV
MAOW / Sucker
Hermetic / Preventive Arrest
Brand New Unit / No Heroes