Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode September 22, 2011

Broadcast on 22-Sep-2011 - Part One

9:05am - 10:13am

in medias res It’s Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out Fight Song
Keep Tidy Basement Mold EP Goochie Main
Tight Solid Walk it Off Ode to the Devil
Blondewich More Ham the Sandwich BOOM BOOM
Mercy Years Myspace Radiant in Summer
Tyranahorse Ghostwolfmotherhawk-prairieunicornlionlioness. Teenage Girl
Safety Show O’ Burro library
Korean Gut Demo Hard to Say
GSTS! GFTF! There’s A Triangle In All Of Us
Apollo Ghosts Forgotten Triangle EP track name I Won’t Support Your Love
Watermelon Tidal Wave
EEEK! The EEEP Sassafrance
Juvenile Hall Juvenile Hall Meghan Says
Bitch Moves Demo He takes The Bus
Yung Mums Yung Mums Thru With U
Cloudsplitter Cloudsplitter Straight Line