Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode February 17, 2011

Broadcast on 17-Feb-2011 - Part One

9:03am - 10:15am

Unreliable Narrator Unreliable Narrator Tails and Fins
Like Animals Again Comfortable Dungeon Resilient and Green
collapsing opposites in time you can escape from time
Brave Irene Myspace No Fun
hardship post hack ep my only aim
The Super Friendz Mock Up, Scale Down 10 lbs
The Superfantastics Places To Roam A Conversation Between Two Robots
The Hot Moonbeams Break Even Botany Bay
The Oh Wells the EP that we love I Hate the Sun
The Rural Alberta Advantage Departing The Breakup
Forest City Lovers Carriage Minneapolis
No Gold Myspace Rainforts
kids these days all these interruptions intoxicated
Wintermitts Heirloom Schoolyard
Safety Show Next Album Death Dive
The Dears Degeneration Street Blood