Little Bit of Soul Episode January 9, 2017

Jazz-Funk Fusion Showdown

4:01pm - 5:00pm

Wondering how jazz-funk fusion originated? The introduction of electronic instruments had something to do with it. Today we talk in depth about one of its creators, Herbie Hancock, and see how it's taking the stage in Edmonton, Alberta. This is where the Canadian group, The Fusionauts, is taking it to the next level. Hear the music and understand its past when listening to this episode of Little Bit of Soul! Who'll win out? Jazz or Funk? Maybe the answer is Jazz- Funk Fusion.

Also heard on this episode is Cannonball Adderley and Bo Diddley & Muddy Waters.

Track Listing:

Cantaloupe Island
Herbie Hancock · Cantaloupe Island
Herbie Hancock · Head Hunters
The Fusionauts · Mutant
False Economy
The Fusionauts · Mutant
Cannonball Adderley · Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!
Who Do You Love?
Bo Diddley & Muddy Waters · Single