Little Bit of Soul Episode May 30, 2016

From the Roots

4:02pm - 5:03pm

The foundation of this episode is the Ghanian Rhythms which we begin with at the top of the hour. Authentic sounds of Ghanian music then morph into the more popular music of C.K Mann & His Carousels where underneath the popular funky jams are the roots of the songs sound. We travel over to listening to Miles Davis who, again, is playing with the next steps in jazz when mixing the rock beat of 4/4 time into a more traditional jazz sound; this is where we find 'fusion'. Moe Koffman sends us into orbit with compositions from his record 'Solar Explorations' and we end the show with a Doo-Wop Quintet bidding us farewall.

Track Listing:

Ghanian Rhythms
Chohun And Gyamadudu · Dances of the World
Medly: Asafo Beesuon/ Obaa Yaa Aye Me Bone
C.K Mann & His Carousels · Strange Games & Funky Things 5
Miles Davis · Miles In the Sky
Moe Koffman · Solar Explorations
Moe Koffman · Solar Explorations
Journey's End
The Royal Sons Quintet · The Dawn of Doo-Wop