Little Bit of Soul Episode May 9, 2016

The Memphis Horns

4:01pm - 5:02pm

Ever wonder where that great wall of soul sound came from, that which we call the horn section? Well maybe the Memphis horns can help us figure that out. Since their involvement in almost every Stax Records Recordings ever made, the Memphis Horns have been the originators of soul in the horn section of any soul group with brass instruments. Their sound, though the backup to great performers whose names go from A-Z (including Otis Redding, Carla Thomas, Booker T., Elvis, Aretha Franklin), would prove to be something special in of itself. The groups sound, though members changed, carried out until the 90s and morphed to fit the changing musical scene. They influenced groups such as the Kashmere Stage Band, whom we have listen to in this podcast. We also check out LIVE footage of the Memphis horns performing in Oslo with some of Stax Records' finest performers to come out of Memphis, Tennessee.

Take a listen and find out who we owe gratitude to for one of the key sounds that makes soul music.... well... soul music!

Track Listing:

As the Crow Flies
THe SoulJazz Orchestra · Inner Fire
Funky 8 Corners, Part 1
Willie & The Mighty Magnificents · Single 45
Do You Dig It, Man? (Live)
Kashmere Stage Band · Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974
Getting It Out Of My System
Kashmere Stage Band · Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974
Back Luck Soul
B.B King · Single 45
What the Funk
Memphis Horns · Get Up and Dance
Last Night
The Mar-keys · The Last Night!
Raise Your Hand
Eddie Floyd · Live in Oslo (1968)
Try A Little Tenderness
Otis Redding · Live in Oslo (1968)
Andrea Superstein · Million Stars Hotel
Louie Louie
The Topics · Wheedle's Groove- Seattle's Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-1975