Listening Party Episode June 11, 2020

LP#19: June 11, 2020

4:01pm - 4:55pm

Check out the most recent episode of seeking Office and learn more about what it means to defund the police:

Track Listing:

Coming Thru
Lido Pimienta · Miss Coulmbia
Harrison Argatoff · Toronto Streets Tour
Maybe Today Will Be Curios
Daniel Romano · Dandelion
Trenta Black Ice Tea Lemonade
Black Nintendo · Starbucks Sessions
Yes Mama
Missy D · Yes Mama
6.1//6.2 (ice cream remix)
WHOOP-szo · Warrior Down Remixes
Little Kid · Transfguration Highway
Hometown Blues
Pharis & Jason Romero · Bet On Love
Make It Last
Kardias Quing · -