lethal refresh Episode October 16, 2023

lethal refresh - October 16th

3:00pm - 3:59pm

haiiiiiiiii we got a wide variety of fall tunes for ya this week. noisy energetic stuff, sad stuff, pick your poison and we've got it. NEW MIKE ALBUM BURNING DESIRE GO LISTEN NOW!!!

Track Listing:

Spine Stabber
Gadfly · single
bar italia · single
Yep · single
Do you Believe?
MIKE · Burning Desire
Strawberry Moon
Helena Deland · Goodnight Summerland
Tinashe · BB/ANG3L
Fresh Start
Headcheese · Expired
One Hand Behind The Devil
Maruja · single
cloud terminal
Full Body 2, Slum · single
A Pact Between Strangers · Side A