LEEnin with JEFF Episode May 21, 2024

Insights with Sam: Navigating Work, Culture, and the Art of Dance

2:00pm - 3:00pm

In this episode, I'll be engaging in an insightful conversation with Sam about her multifaceted life and career. We'll explore how she effectively balances her academic pursuits with co-managing a thriving pastry business alongside her mother. Our discussion will delve into Sam's strategies for maintaining work-life equilibrium while juggling these diverse responsibilities.
Beyond her professional endeavors, we'll examine our shared passion for dance and how it serves as a source of joy and self-expression for both of us. Additionally, we'll analyze the impact of our respective cultural backgrounds and social upbringings on our approaches to social interaction and networking.
This episode aims to provide valuable insights into successfully managing multiple commitments, the importance of pursuing personal interests, and the role of cultural influences in shaping our professional and social lives. Through Sam's experiences, we'll uncover practical tips for achieving a harmonious balance between work, education, entrepreneurship, and personal fulfillment.